About Us

At The Market, we challenge the norm through celebrating honest work, empowering the individual, and welcoming our neighbors to share in the restorative power of food.

The Market: Food & Drink is a seasonal, regional, farm-to-table restaurant that takes great care to source as close to 100% of our menu exclusively from our farming and artisanal partners in the hopes of changing the way people farm and eat. It’s through these relationships, acknowledging their hard work, and learning from their example that we find inspiration. Our ever-evolving menu strives to capture the elusive perfect pairing of fine food and fine wine while providing focused yet approachable service. After all, life’s greatest indulgence is the simple pleasure of great food and wine, amongst the company of friends and family.

Furthermore, every decision we make takes into account the well-being of our staff and our community. By doing so we challenge the existing standards of the hospitality industry in an attempt to create a cultural shift inside and outside the four walls of the workplace.

Our Team

Lauren Noel
General Manager + Bar Manager
Shelbie Anderson
Executive Chef
Nicole Velkov
Sous Chef
Roni Bair
Assistant General Manager
Collin Minnis
Beverage + Operations Director
Ali Alshahal